Transformation through nature connection

Spending regular time in nature, especially woodland, has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, strengthen our immune system, promoting feelings of happiness and wellbeing.  

Being in nature calms us, quiets our busy minds and makes space for new ideas.

We offer:


1:1 coaching

for students, educators and young professionals


Leadership coaching

for headteachers, managers, and CEOs


Team coaching

 for schools, nurseries, outdoor centres, special education services, and not for profits

Recognising that ‘we are nature’ helps us attune to finding symbolism in the natural world, guiding us to identify our own strengths, values and purpose. Noticing the beauty and regeneration of the seasons gives perspective. Different weather reflects the reality of life, prompting acceptance of all emotions whilst offering hope for the future. 

Coaching through nature offers us fresh thinking; rooted in ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience.

Physically choosing which path to take in a woodland becomes a valuable moment for switching direction metaphorically, changing habits, following our dreams. 

Our coaching offers gentle ways to ‘self-care’, enabling you to do the valuable work you are called to do. We will teach simple techniques to build thinking through nature into your daily routines.

Sarah Lawfull


I really valued having Time To Think with Sarah. To be able to think and talk without interruption is so rare, and Sarah held that space respectfully, gently and skillfully. I was struck by how the second question, “And what else would you like to think about?” often uncovered sadnesses that I was carrying, of which I was previously unaware. Sarah judged very carefully the extent to which she could move me forward, with questions, suggestions and observations.

- Forest School practitioner


The sessions with Sarah have been fantastic, she has an amazing ability to listen and start a chain reaction of thoughts by asking the right question at the right time. The space that Sarah created was safe, relaxed and full of compassion and knowledge.

- Outdoor Learning Specialist


During Coronavirus my work has been more than ever screen-based and allocating yet more time for zoom coaching might have seemed counterintuitive. Within minutes I had forgotten the screen, was at one with nature and found my gentle coach guiding me to reflect and learn from recent experience. 

- Outdoor Learning Specialist


During 1:1 coaching Sarah created a safe space, giving me time to explore my thoughts and feelings. Sarah listened and guided me with genuine care, enabling me to consider things in a way I hadn’t done before. 

- Education Manager


Coaching brought up a lot of really important conversations within the team. This has been and continues to be a really challenging time both inside and outside of work. I now feel more confident and empowered to talk about what support I need from my colleagues and know better what support I need to give them.

- Apprentice Specialist Outdoor Learning