Terms and Conditions of training

Please read this information carefully before booking your course with Where The Fruit Is.

These terms and conditions form the basis of a contract between Where The Fruit Is and the Learner/ Setting. Payment in full secures your place and signals your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


  • WTFI means Where The Fruit Is.
  • The Learner means the person named on the Booking form.
  • Booking form means the application form submitted to WTFI.
  • In writing means correspondence by post or email.
1. Application and Payment

1.1 The Learner understands that they must meet the specific entry requirements for specific accredited qualifications.

1.2 Failure to pay will result in the Learner being unable to attend a course.

1.3 WTFI reserves the right to refuse any application or booking without the need to give a reason. In this case no agreement is formed and payment will not be processed

2. Cancellation or Alteration by the Learner

2.1 The Learner must put a cancellation request in writing to WTFI.

2.2 On confirmation of the cancellation from WTFI in writing, the Learner must pay a cancellation fee at a percentage of the course fee:
50% between three months and up to 1 month prior to commencement of training.
100% in the final 30 days prior to commencement of training or once training has commenced

3. Cancellation and/or Alteration by WTFI

3.1 Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to deliver a course as scheduled, the Learner recognises that on occasions emergency plans may need to be implemented. In such circumstances it is not reasonable for WTFI to be liable for any losses.

3.2 WTFI reserves the right to cancel a course.

3.3 Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to run a course as planned, there may be occasions, such as extreme weather or staff illness, that force cancellation. In this unlikely event the Learner will be transferred to another course of equal value.


4. Learner Conduct

4.1 The Learner will comply with all reasonable instruction and directions given by WTFI staff, visiting course leaders and volunteers.

4.2 With accredited courses the Learner understands that plagiarism will not be accepted and any work submitted that is believed to be produced by a third party or copied from another source, without clear referencing, will be returned unmarked. Persistent plagiarism may result in the Learner being unable to achieve the qualification.

4.3 The Learner will provide emergency contact details, make WTFI aware of any relevant medical conditions and believes themselves able to meet the rigours of the course (physically and mentally).

4.4 It is the Learners responsibility to inform WTFI of any disability or learning difficulty which trainers may need to take into account

5. Accredited qualifications – Learner Commitment

5.1 The Learner is required to attend all study days as stated in the written confirmation and/or in the course material  from WTFI.


6. Accredited qualifications – Portfolio Submission

6.1 The Learner must submit their completed portfolio to WTFI by the given deadline date.

6.2 In exceptional circumstances an extension may be granted to the Learner for submission of their portfolio.

6.3 The Learner must submit a request in writing to WTFI five working days before the deadline for portfolio submission.

6.4 Without the above permissions the late submission of portfolios will incur an administration fee of £50.

6.5 WTFI will not accept submission of a completed portfolio after two years of the course completion date. After this date retraining must be undertaken as per OCNWM policy and guidance.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1 All intellectual property rights shall be owned by us. You are entitled to use any reports, handouts or other documents only for the purpose they were provided for.

8. Insurance

8.1 WTFI has Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance which covers Learners during the taught elements of Forest School training and CPD courses.

8.2 The Learner is responsible for ensuring they have adequate and appropriate insurance cover to deliver their own outdoor play/ learning experiences to their own client groups

9. Liability

9.1 WTFI recognises the benefits of appropriate levels of risk in course activities and works to manage these risks reasonably.

9.2 The Learner accepts that accidents, including serious injury and death, can occur without WTFI being at fault and the Learner takes part in activities at their own risk.

9.3 WTFI only accepts liability for physical injury to the Learner that is shown to result from the negligence of WTFI.

9.4 The Learner acknowledges that other injury, loss, damage and expense (including; loss or damage of personal possessions, money, clothing, equipment and vehicles, loss of fees due to cancellation by client, injury from activities not under instruction or not following given instructions of WTFI staff) however so arising is not the responsibility of WTFI.

9.5 WTFI will not be responsible for accidents, injury or loss occurring to any third parties taught by attendees of WTFI courses.

10. Data protection – Our privacy policy

10.1 When you book on a training course we take great care to protect your personal information, which may include your name, home and work addresses, work and personal email addresses and telephone numbers.

10.2  We’ll only use your personal data with your consent, or to the extent necessary in order to perform a contract with you, fulfil our legal duties, or for other legitimate purposes. For example, when you book on a course, we will use your information to process payment, register you with the awarding body and keep a record of the sale. To ensure your safety, medical information will be requested when you register for Forest School and Outdoor Learning courses, particularly where we are training in remote sites.

If you have asked to receive training updates, we will use Mail Chimp to keep you up to date on the latest news about us and our products. You may unsubscribe from Mail Chimp at any time.

10.3 We want to ensure that you remain in control of your personal data. The law provides you with various rights to help you do this, including the right of access.

10.4 When you book onto a course we will ask you to complete a Media permissions or photo consent form.

10.5 All persons data/ photos/videos/ audio recordings will be stored and used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – details may be found in our Handbook 

10.6 Our Data Protection Officer is vaughn@wherethefruitis.co.uk

10.7 WTFI is registered with the Information Commissioners Office

11. Complaints Procedure

11.1 In the unlikely event that the Learner has cause to make a complaint about a WTFI course, the learner should appeal informally to the tutor to see if the issue can be resolved and corrective action can be taken if appropriate.

11.2 In the event that there is not a satisfactory resolution of the complaint then the Learner must appeal in writing to the Directors of WTFI Sarah Lawfull and Vaughn Lawfull, setting out the nature and any evidence relating to the complaint. The Directors will respond within three working days.

11.3 Failing this, the Learner must take the complaint to Open College Network.

12. Changes to this agreement

12.1 WTFI reserves the right to update these Terms & Conditions, at any time, without notice.