Emotion Coaching in nature




Sarah brings her expertise in emotion coaching through nature, along with some enthusiastic gnomes, for a day of seeing the world through a child’s/ young person’s eyes. Using our time in some beautiful outdoor environments we will explore the symbolism and benefits nature affords us. 

Building on each other’s experiences and knowledge we will learn together how to communicate these vitally important messages to our own teams, promoting resilience and emotional intelligence, improving outcomes for all.  

  • Choice, control and freedom.
  • Risk Benefit approach – an empowering model of risk assessment that unlocks adventures.
  • Well-being and agency – why the two go hand in hand.
  • Ways of observing and mentoring children’s play.
  • Understand the importance of play in all Key Stages for learning – play for enjoyment, discovery, innovation, creativity.
  • Deepen your own self awareness and understand how to use knowledge of ‘brain science’ to begin changing habits.
  •  Writing and communicating your nature play policy.


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