Paths to Resilience: Nature for Wellbeing


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Discover the joys of playing in nature and why connecting with the ‘wild’ around us, even on our doorsteps,  makes people happier and able to learn. 

Sarah brings her love of learning through nature, knowledge of child development and the national curriculum, alongside her experience of coaching outdoors to create a day of seeing the world through fresh eyes. 

Using our time in some beautiful outdoor environments we will explore the symbolism and positive outcomes of nature connection, and consider the challenges of taking groups outside. 

You will gain the confidence and insights to maximise the benefits of taking groups outdoors. You will be able to communicate how and why nature connection promotes physical, intellectual and mental wellbeing, develops social and emotional intelligence, and builds our resilience for the challenging bits of life.

  • Through paired, group and individual experiences we will:
    • Recognise the superpowers of self-awareness, self-control and freedom
    • Learn how to recognise our own emotions and use time in nature to self regulate
    • Deepen our self-awareness and use knowledge of ‘brain science’ to begin changing habits
    • Increase the ability to choose our response to a situation by asking different questions
    • Find out why agency and well-being go hand in hand
    • Explore the risk-benefit approach – an empowering model of risk assessment that unlocks adventures
    • Learn the theories behind nature therapy and green prescribing,  including Biophilia and Attention Restoration Theory
    • Explore our relationships with ‘struggle’ and failure
    • Understand how creative nature is and why playing with natural materials is good for our wellbeing
    • Understand that humans are wired for connection to each other and other living things
    • Understand the importance of play for all humans – play for enjoyment, discovery, innovation, creativity
    • Learn ways of mentoring and observing play in nature

    This training is also available for teams and whole school staff. 

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23rd July 2022


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