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We are passionate about learning in and through nature.  
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Leicester City in the Community

July 2021

Leicester City in the Community visited Rosliston Forestry Centre in the National Forest to see how Leicestershire teachers gain valuable training to make them Forest School leaders.


September 2021

Sarah shared the hope of Forest School with over 15,000 early years practioners as the Keynote speaker on Day 1 of the  II International Practical Online Conference “University of Childhood: Noteworthy Practices”, organized by The Russian University of Childhood Foundation together with UNESCO IITE.


October 2020

The High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Amanda Ponsonby, visited Rose Hill Primary School to watch an outdoor learning session organised by Sarah Lawfull.

Rose Hill has the largest grounds of any state primary in Oxford and its forest school encourages teaching outside of the classroom.


September 2020

Hope in Nature by Sarah Lawfull, Forest School Association Director

Early Childhood Outdoors

September 2020

Children Need Nature Now by Sarah Lawfull

Wildlife and Countryside Link

August 2020

A Nature Premium would help children recover from lockdown and set them up to learn

Sarah Lawfull and Sara Collins


July 2020

Children need nature and nature needs children by Sarah Lawfull

The Harmony Project

“Richard Dunne talks to Forest School Association Director and trainer Sarah Lawfull about the importance of bringing nature into children’s learning.” Bonnie Welch – The Harmony Project

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Nature Premium

We believe that the Nature Premium would improve children’s mental and physical wellbeing after lockdown and demonstrate a positive investment in their future development as part of the Green RecoveryLily Horseman, Chair of the Forest School Association


Reproduced with thanks

“Talking with Sarah about the potential of these programmes to transform children’s wellbeing and learning is truly inspiring.”

Baptist Together – Summer 2018

Reproduced with thanks to Baptist House


Chris Johnson, In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we share with you news of the sudden death of Chris Johnson, our colleague and great friend. Throughout life we meet people who enrich our lives, Chris was one of those people. He always had a hot drink in his hand, a smile on his face...

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Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds Fantasy and imagination are vital to our everyday lives; novels, TV dramas, theatre, music and art all take us out of our own existence and into disasters, love stories, adventures. We work out what we feel and think about our own situations, even...

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The Magic of Trees- Ash

The Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)The common Ash is native to the UK and found all over Europe, from the Arctic Circle to Turkey; it is the third most prevalent tree in the UK. You will find out all about native Flora and Fauna, including Ash on your Forest School training,...

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The Magic of Trees- Hazel

The Hazel (Corylus avellana) The Hazel Tree, native to the UK, colonised as the earth changed from tundra to temperate roughly 8,200 years ago. (You can read more of this in The New Sylva by Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblett.)  You will find out all about native Flora...

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How to go to the toilet in the woods?

You're out for a walk and suddenly, you're caught short. But how do you go to the toilet in the woods?  A conundrum that may face any one spending more than a couple of hours in the great outdoors with children or less if they have me, a middle-aged woman in their...

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What am I doing to make the Earth happy? Professor Steve Van Matre’s question to the Forest School community got me thinking again about our sustainability policy. Are there more things we could be doing to live out what we are teaching at...

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Steve Van Matre

We were thrilled to host Professor Steve Van Matre (SVM) for a couple of days in Oxfordshire to lead his Introduction to Earth Education workshop. Earth Trust gave us use of their beautiful Fison Barn. SVM shared the history of Earth Education,...

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News and Nurturing

Children’s well-being is crucial, not just for their own lives, but for society as a whole. The Good Childhood Report 2016, The Children’s Society Well-being taster day Lots of fun was had by our guests at our recent Forest School taster day as we considered the...

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Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Sambucas  Commonly known as 'Elderberry or Elder'. From the family Adoxaceae. Sambucas Nigra is native to Europe and North America. So what does Elder look like? Elder trees are often bush shape and can grow to 15m tall. They are found on...

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Trees We Love

Rowan- Sorbus aucuparia The Rowan tree- also known as Mountain Ash, Witch Wiggin Tree, Kerin or Cuirn- is native to the UK, and likely to be found across Forest School sites in Oxfordshire. Although the leaves have similar features to that of an Ash Tree (Fraxinus...

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