Head Teacher / Manager Agreement


Head Teacher/Manager Agreement
The following form must be completed by the Head Teacher / Manager

This information provided to the school/setting details the commitment required from both the Learner and setting.

The L3 training equates to 94 hours of taught time and requires, on average, a further 86 hours of self-study time, including the delivery of the Introductory 6 Forest School sessions in a long term programme.

The L2 Forest School Assistant training equates to 48 hours of taught time and requires a further 22 hours of self-study time.

    1. Attendance at ALL the elements of the course as detailed previously is required for certification
    2. Level 3 training - the setting needs to ensure there is a site where the learner can run the Forest School sessions and ideally will have Forest School as part of the development plan, providing at least one other member of staff as a Forest School assistant and supporting the learner to recruit additional volunteers if one or two other members of staff are not available ( in line with Principle 5’s high ratio of adults to children)
    3. Level 3 Training - ensuring they will have DBS clearance and the necessary 16 Hour Forest School First Aid training and certificate. Prior to running their Forest School sessions.
    4. Level 2 training - I understand that the setting needs to ensure there is a qualified Level 3 Forest School Leader running the Forest School programme who involves the FS assistant in the observation, planning and evaluation of three consecutive sessions with the same client group. NB The Level 2 qualification does not enable a practitioner to safely set up, risk assess or manage a Forest School site nor does it enable them to risk assess or teach the practical skills to a client group. 
    5. The school/setting will have/has the necessary insurance cover for the use of the chosen site.
    6. I have read and agree to support the Learner in developing a Forest School programme  reflecting the ethos and principles of Forest School and I understand the requirements of the Forest School Programme Leader Level 3/2 training and I confirm that, barring exceptional circumstances, I fully support the member(s) of staff studying for the qualification.
    7. I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions
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