Forest School Consultants

Mhairi MacGillivray-Edwards

Oak Leaf Forest School

Mhairi started her working life in Environmental Education, then became a PrimarySchool teacher, after which she joined the Northmoor Trust soon becoming a founder member of the Oxfordshire Forest School Project. Mhairi was a key member of the Oxfordshire Forest School Service mentoring Forest School Leaders and providing consultancy services to settings on grounds development. Many nurseries and pre schools around the county have benefited from her knowledgeable approach to outdoor play. She stepped up to become acting manager of the local preschool and has been a keen member of the local Scouting team. She has been a lifelong ‘protector of the planet’, bringing her vast knowledge of sustainability to our training team.

Mhairi is a hugely experienced Forest School Leader and trainer who recently branched out to set up her own Forest School venture providing programmes for families, including home schoolers, on the beautiful Berkshire Downs and within local primary schools.

Jen Hurst

Sylva Foundation – woodland management and Forest School training 

Jen has a varied background in Outdoor Education, first as a secondary geography teacher, then Forest School leader at West Kidlington Primary in Oxfordshire and education manager at Sylva Foundation. For the last five years Jen worked in close partnership with Sarah and Forest School trainees at Oxfordshire Forest School Service developing an online version of the Sylva woodland management tool, myForest for Educators alongside specialist woodland management training for Forest School Leaders.

A member of the Forest School Association Jen has been involved at conferences and Forestry events around the country, training trainers at a national level and spreading the vision of Sylva: to help forests thrive – for people and for nature.s.

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