Accredited Forest School Training - Dates and Information

Accredited Forest School training run locally, nationally and internationally.  Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond.

Please see below the list of dates for the courses available.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before booking your training with Where The Fruit Is.

We are working with a range of partners, including Oxfordshire County Council and the National Forest,  to meet the pressing needs of schools and early years settings.  

We are listening to colleagues in schools and early years settings, responding to the widened experiential learning gap,  developing training that provides sustainable, holistic, emotion-coaching in nature. 

We believe the Forest School approach, promoting learner-centred opportunities for play, is a powerful way to re-engage those children and young people most disadvantaged due to Covid19, with their peers and learning, whilst caring for the wellbeing and mental health of staff and pupils.   

We run bespoke, accredited Forest School training locally, nationally and internationally.  

Please contact us if you want to know more about whole staff training around nature connection, emotion coaching and wellbeing.  

Accredited Forest School training:

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Forest School Leader Training (Level 3)

Course Information

  • Qualification awarded: Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders, Open College Network West Midlands
  • Course length: One year
  • Host site: Sylva Foundation and local woods in Oxfordshire
  • Venue:  Sylva Wood Centre – teaching barn
    unless stated otherwise
  • Cost: £1,375 incl VAT (per learner)

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January 2022 Course code: FSL3_Syl6/NN2 (click to read more)
  • Workshop Dates:
    27th-28th January 2022
    10th-11th March
    5th-6th May
    16th-17th June
    14th – 15th July

    Time:  8.30 am – 5.30 pm

  • Webinar Dates: 9 Monday evenings –
    7th February
    28th February
    21st March
    4th April
    16th May
    13th June
    4th July
  • Webinar time: 7.30 pm-9.00pm 
  • Trainers: Sarah Lawfull and Sarah Walker 
  • Venue: Sylva Wood Centre, Little Wittenham Road, Long Wittenham, OX14 4QT
June 2022 / Course code: FSL3_Syl7 (click to read more)
  • Workshop Dates:
    16th-17th June
    14th- 15th July
    23rd-24th September
    21st-22nd October
    18th-19th November
  • Time:  8.30 am –
  • Webinar dates: 9 Monday evenings
    13th June
    4th July
    12th September
    26th September
    31st October
    14th November
    9th January 2023
    6th February
    6th March 
  • Trainer: Sarah Lawfull 
  • Venue: Sylva Wood Centre, Little Wittenham Road, Long Wittenham, OX14 4QT


The training package includes

  • 16-hour Outdoor First Aid training
  • online course materials for self-directed learning – including year-long access to  Red Squirrel Resources – practical skills and nature connection tutorials
  • trainee membership of the Forest School Association – monthly webinars and knowledge base
  • peer-to-peer and group Paths to Resilience coaching
  • online group webinars to support self-study and produce evidence for portfolios – recorded and shared 
  • average 96 hours of self-study which will include working collaboratively with other trainees on projects between webinars and workshops 
  • training and support with the creation of an online portfolio and a working Forest School handbook 
  • inspirational contributions from experienced Forest School and SEND practitioners, environmental educators and bushcraft experts
  • access to Forest School sessions led by experienced practitioners – for observation/ volunteering
  • supportive workplace delivery assessment 

As a response to the pandemic, we are combining Forest School leader training with our Paths to Resilience coaching offer.

The People and Nature Survey for England: Children’s survey (Natural England Oct 2020) highlighted the inequities of access to nature and the impact of the pandemic on children and young people’s wellbeing. 

At its heart, Forest School motivates and empowers learners of all ages to care for themselves, each other and for the natural world around them. Through the ethos and principles, values-based Forest School offers a development platform for personal and community growth.

This training offers space and time to build the reflective, empathic nature connecting practice we now realise is vital for human flourishing.  

The learning journey will be enriched by experienced Forest School leaders and other trainers joining us throughout the year. We know that setting up and leading inspirational Forest School programmes requires collaboration and commitment. To this end trainees will teach and learn from each other, gaining communication and presentation skills. 

Our year-long course will be co-designed by the trainees and trainers, as we explore why the Forest School pedagogy meets many of the pressing needs of young people and their families. Forest School offers hope in the face of the ongoing challenges of Covid19, the climate emergency and biodiversity loss, improving outcomes for people and the planet.

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This qualification provides the practitioner with the skills and knowledge to risk assess, set up and manage a Forest School site, minimising the ecological impact. It equips them to plan and safely facilitate challenging, person-centred, learner-led, playful Forest School programmes with a range of client groups in line with the Forest School ethos and principles.

Suitable for school and college staff, teachers, teaching assistants, and parent volunteers, youth workers and other education/ care/ health practitioners. 

Organisations wishing to achieve the Learning Outside the Classroom quality badge will find this qualification supports the process.

Level 3 Course requirements and details

Learners must be at least 19 years old to access the qualification and cannot act as Forest School Leaders until they are 21 and have had relevant two-day Outdoor First Aid training.  

This qualification, worth 18 credits over 5 units of work, is evidenced by an online handbook, supportive delivery assessment and online portfolio. 

Total qualification time 180 hours, including an average of 96 hours self-study over 9-12 months. 


Managers will demonstrate that Forest School is embedded in the development plan and undertake to support trainees to qualify by completing the agreement form here. We recommend creating an agreement between the trainee and the school/setting.

Trainees undertake to attend all training (except in exceptional circumstances), will engage in Zoom webinars, visit Forest School in action, run an Introduction to Forest School programme, submit an online portfolio and handbook within the agreed time frame.

Freelance trainees will be responsible for finding a group to work with. 

Where the Fruit Is will support trainees to achieve the qualification, providing ongoing mentoring throughout the training process. We undertake to give personalised feedback in a timely fashion and to provide quality venues and resources. We understand that life is complicated and will work with you to find flexible solutions if you miss a workshop or webinar. Please read our Centre Handbook here 

Out of area assessments costs – an additional charge of £75 plus 45p per mile plus VAT is made for any Forest School delivery assessments carried out beyond a 50-mile radius of the training host site. 

Forest School Assistant (Level 2)

Course Information

  • Level 2 Forest School Assistant
  • Qualification awarded: Level 2 Open College Network West Midlands Award for Forest School Assistants
  • Course length: run concurrently with L3 workshops
  • Trainers: Sarah Lawfull & Sarah Walker
  • Host site: tbc
  • Cost: £780 incl VAT (per learner)
    (includes all refreshments, lunch, course materials, registration and certification)
  • NB – Learner needs to be at least 19 years old at qualification.
Course Information
Many schools and nurseries are finding that a trained Forest School Assistant is a valuable addition to their team. This course requires the learner to support a Level 3 qualified Forest School Leader with the planning and delivery of 3 consecutive sessions of a Forest School programme. We usually run this concurrently with our Level 3 training so learners often attend the first three modules with colleagues who are training as Level 3 Leaders.

Please contact us if you would like to explore this option.

Please note: this qualification does not equip nor qualify the learner to lead Forest School sessions in the absence of a qualified L3 Forest School Leader

Level 2 Course requirements and details:

Learner needs to be at least 19 years old at qualification. Two units of work, equal to 7 credits, evidenced by a portfolio requiring an average of 54 guided learning hours with a total qualification time of 70 hours. This means there are about 16 hours personal study for the learner to do at home.

Course Dates


Introduction To Forest School (Level 1)

Course Information

  • Introduction To Forest School (Level 1)
  • Qualification awarded: Open College Network West Midlands Level 1 Award in Forest School Ethos and Principles
  • Course length: tbc
  • Trainers: Sarah Lawfull
  • Host site: tbc
  • Cost: £420 incl VAT (per learner)
    (includes all refreshments, lunch, course materials, registration and certification)
Course Information
This is great for parents, young people and volunteers who want an introduction to the Forest School ethos. We have different models available for providing this training, it usually takes two long or three short days training with completion of a simple workbook. It could be presented as a set of twilights. This is a practical course which gives a good ’taste’ of Forest School.

Please contact us if you would like us to run this is in your setting for a group of adults. Group discounts may apply.

Level 1 Course requirements and details: The Forest School Association and Department for Education require the learner to be at least 14 years old.

Course Dates

  • please call for latest dates

Top Up Level 3

Course Information

  • Top Up Level 3
  • Qualification awarded: Open College Network West Midlands Level 3
  • Course length: tbc
  • Trainers: Sarah Lawfull
  • Host site: tbc
  • Cost: £780 incl VAT (per learner)
    (includes all refreshments, lunch, course materials, registration and certification)
Course Information
It is possible to top your level 2 training with this training, within two years of qualifying, by attending the additional modules of the Level 3 training, including gaining the Outdoor First Aid qualification, devising a handbook, planning and leading the first 6 sessions of a Forest School Programme and completing the portfolio of evidence.

Please contact us if you would like us to run this is in your setting.

Course Dates

  • please call or check back for latest dates