About Our Team


Sarah Lawfull Described by a colleague as having ‘leaves in her hair and wood in her veins’,

Sarah is a lifelong lover of learning, of people and the planet. A professional coach, Forest School Association Endorsed trainer and education consultant, Sarah created Where The Fruit Is to provide transformative coaching and training. Now enjoying the delights of grandparenthood she shares her enthusiasm for learning through and caring for nature with people of all ages.
An experienced primary and early years teacher Sarah realised the importance of freedom, play and nature connection very early in her career.  Children whose lives were already impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences, living in small flats without gardens were expected to arrive at school, ready to learn. Getting them outdoors every day became a matter of survival for the staff. The calming effect of nature was evident. The children thrived and had a zest for learning. 

Her voluntary work with teenagers in church youth groups over many years, coupled with her experience of leading long term Forest School programmes with young autistic people, convinced her that nature connection, a sense of belonging and agency, was needed more than ever.

Fast forward to life in a global pandemic, as lockdowns stole childhoods, teenage rites of passage and loved ones from families, the Nature Premium campaign was born. Sarah and colleagues are working to raise awareness of the urgent need for all children and young people to have regular access to nature experiences as an integral part of their education.

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Prior to setting up Where The Fruit Is, Sarah was the lead trainer for Oxfordshire Forest School Service, as part of the Oxfordshire Early Years Team and a programme tutor at Hill End Centre.  Sarah has supported many settings to bring the transformative, holistic approach of Forest School to its learners.

With colleagues in the Forest School Association (FSA) and Open College Network West Midlands, she wrote the nationally recognised qualifications

Whilst training at Henley Business School, Sarah discovered Nancy Kline’s Time to Think approach and Peter Hawkins Team Coaching. This led her to further training in both. She is relishing learning about effective leadership and how the business world has much to teach us about futures thinking. She is committed to forging inclusive communities; cultures that foster psychological safety, creativity and innovation.

Sarah is Chair of the Forest School Association, co-lead on the Nature Premium campaign, a member of the Henley Coaching Centre, the ICF and a fellow of the RSA.


Vaughn is often to be seen running or walking on the Berkshire Downs with his canine sidekicks, Neville and Jumble.

A consulting structural engineer, with his own thriving consultancy practice, Vaughn has been instrumental in setting up this exciting new venture. Investing his time, love and business acumen to ensure Where The Fruit Is has a sound back up team.

Married to Sarah, Vaughn has a long history of involvement with youth work, passionately believing that young people have much to offer if they are given a chance. For many years he was a stalwart trustee of the Didcot Train Youth Project and has led youth groups since 1993 in his home. Together with Sarah he is determined to make a difference in the lives of isolated teenagers supporting the work of Where The Fruit Is to provide a nurturing community along with purposeful work and training opportunities. Through his engineering consultancy he has provided work experiences for several young people and mentored many others.